11 Easy steps to measure your
bathroom ready for a new design

1. Familiarise yourself with the details of the room.
Where are your door(s), window(s) and soil pipe is located.

2. Draw the outline of the room.
Use the dot grid provided. Add in items such as window(s), door(s) boxing(s) and soil pipe.

3. Start measuring.
Start from the right side of the door frame, working your way clockwise around the perimeter of the room. Include dimensions of items suchas the window, boxing and over all door frame size.

4. Measure the gap between window sill and floor, and the window height from sill to top of window frame.
If you have a bath in front of your window, measure from the floor to the top of the bath and then measure from the top of the bath to the window sill. Write down these measurements on the sheet and make a note of the total.

Floor to top of bath             = 500mm
Top of bath to window sill = 400mm
Total                                       = 900mm

5. Measure height and depth of any boxing.

6. Measure the size of the door.

7. Measure floor to ceiling height.

8. Skip To Step 9 if you don’t have any eaves in your room.
(Refer to markings coloured in orange in the example drawing after point 11)

A) If you have eaves in the room, draw a broken line to show the location of the eaves.
B) Measure the  at section of ceiling.
C) Measure from  oor to base of the triangular eave.

Eave Side View

9. Draw the current positions of sanitary ware with labels.

10. Take some images of the room.

11. Send an email to showroom@dhs.gg

Alternatively send via post to our address

Your email should contain the scanned or photographed image of your plan, as well as the images taken of your bathroom. Should you know the style or items you would like in your new bathroom please state these in your email as well.

Once we receive your plans we will create a 3D plan and quotation for your bathroom and send them back to you.

Refer to the example plan below to see what your plan should contain.